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This book is aimed at managers, entrepreneurs, local administrators, community managers
and anyone who owns or wants to build a community.

Adidas, Leroy Merlin, Blablacar, but also Avventure nel mondo, ScuolaZoo, Friendz, Rockin’ 1000 as well: these are just a few of the examples that run through the book, a compelling account of the Community Economy, what it is and how it works.

The role of people who create these organizations and services; the new ways of relating to the customer; the platform as an organizational choice; the specificities of roles and functions; the strategies for designing a community and its life cycle -from its environment to its governance-; but above all the factors at stake for its sustainability. These are many of the ingredients that define a new type of organization -community based- that is increasingly gaining presence on the business landscape, challenging traditional market players.

The book is currently only available in Italian.



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“Listening to people, co-designing, and understanding the founding values of a community, have been the focus of more than two years of work in which their support and professionalism has positively affected the way we intend to develop our format. We felt that we were part of a community of professionals and people, and not simply in a consultative relationship. That is their great value.”


Andrea Colombo
CEO & Co-Founder @Tulou

The agency’s extensive experience and knowledge regarding active community models in Italy and elsewhere shines through. Its passion, multidisciplinary skills, and analyzing and problem solving abilities, makes Collaboriamo an exponent of excellence in the field.


Bianca Scaltritti
Aula Studio Porto Idee

Collaboriamo has proven to be professional, knowledgeable and supportive. The intense research and analysis they have accomplished shines through its work. Its teaching approach, combining theory with practice, had an immediate result, resulting in benefit to the work of our Community Leaders. From the very beginning, the relationship we developed went far beyond the merely consultative one, providing an immediate added value to the sense of belonging to a community of practice, thus maximizing the results derived from this process.


Stefano Donati
Community Engagement Manager @Airbnb