The Community Toolkit is a set of instruments, based upon Collaboriamo’s Community Design framework, devised to plan and accompany organizations at the inception, launch, and scale-up of their communities.

Why this toolkit? Why now?

With this toolkit we want to spread the culture about communities, by providing a practical approach. We believe that today, more than ever, it is crucial to define approaches and methodologies, enabling innovative services design to scale and generate a significant impact.

Discover the tools

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For whom this toolkit might be useful?

For those who wish to grow their community.

For those who would like to start a community but don’t know how to do it.

For those who would like to learn more about this particular topic.

But especially for those who want to set change in motion within their organization, by leveraging people, their ideas, skills and competencies.


Fill out the form and download the Brief guide for designing communities, which includes:

  • Community: a definition
  • Community design: key principles
  • The community design framework
  • The community toolkit: the tools to design your community, in a printer-friendly version.


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