Years of research, consulting, and training have enabled us to devise the first-ever framework for community design.
This is not merely a theoretical framework, but also a step-by-step guide for planning.

Our framework

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The identity system

The identity system is what determines the sense of belonging and responsibility.

Without a strong, clear, and credible identity, there is no sense of belonging, and the community does not know it is one.

The engagement system

The engagement system is made up of elements meant to stimulate and engage members.

Without an engagement system, a community does not know what to do together.

The governance system

The governance system is the set of rules and procedures that affect the management and governance of a community.

Without a governance system, a community does not grow.

The sustainability system

The sustainability system encompasses the resources needed to build a community, as well as quantitative and qualitative measurement metrics.

No budget, no party!

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