Our courses aim to raise awareness about the intricacies of designing, building, and managing a community. We strive to equip you with all the necessary skills to successfully accomplish these tasks.

Building and managing communities demands the acquisition of fresh skills.

Merely opening digital channels does not suffice for community establishment. It cannot be improvised, as communities do not spontaneously emerge and flourish. Nurturing relationships mandates the establishment of a conducive environment in which they can be fostered. This endeavor requires substantial time, attention, and a systematic approach.

Through the establishment of organizations and services revolving around communities, it becomes feasible to fortify the bond connecting businesses to their customers, employees, and localities. Moreover, this approach primarily facilitates interconnections within the organizations themselves. This methodology empowers organizations to once again attune themselves to the citizens’ requirements, thereby fostering innovation, engendering trust, and promoting overall well-being.



Some theoretical aspects tested in numerous courses will help to frame the contents and to have some reference points from which to put into practice what has been learnt and tested in various courses.

Case studies

Numerous case studies will help to exemplify the theory and understand how others have done it before.

Q&A Sessions

Together with the course, you will have access to Q&A sessions reserved for our Academy participants: an opportunity to continue to deepen your knowledge and the progress of your project.

Courses in English and Italian

Our training offerings include courses offered in Italian and English.

Expert lecturers

Our courses are taught by the Collaboriamo staff, seasoned professionals with years of experience in community research, design, strategy, start-up and management.

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who want to strengthen the relationship between their company and their customers, employees or, in the CSR field, with their territories.

Non profit organizations

wishing to strengthen the relationship with and among their members, their volunteers, and the places where they operate.


considering building a community around their products.


looking to engage the donors of their fundraising campaigns.

Community managers

who want to enhance their skills, share their experiences, incorporate a recognised process and method into their work.

Community leaders

who want to see their community flourish.


who feel the need to structure their informal group.

Consultants and designers

looking to deepen their understanding of communities.


Marta Mainieri

Expert in community design, innovation in platform business models and sharing economy. Founder of Collaboriamo, an organization that has been working on collaborative services with a special focus on community design since 2013, she is the author of Community Design (Egea, 2023), Community Economy (Egea, 2020), and Collaboriamo (Hoepli, 2013). She is also the creator of the first method focused on community design and its toolkit.

Since 2017 she has been in Startupitalia’s ranking of the 1,000 Italian women who are changing the world of technology, business, and innovation. Since 2020 she is member of the Advisory Board of the Master of Science program in Product Service System Design at the Politecnico di Milano.

elisa saturno

Elisa Saturno

Elisa Saturno is an expert in design methodologies applied to the topics of social innovation, community economy and circular economy. Since 2019, she has been teaching design in several institutes, including Politecnico di Milano and IES Abroad Milano.
Since 2016 he has been working on projects to activate public and cultural spaces through participatory architecture processes and since 2017 he has been collaborating with European organisations and architecture firms to develop circular economy processes in the field of design and architecture.
From 2019, together with Collaboriamo, she has been engaged in design, training and consultancy on the topics of collaborative economy, and in particular community economy.

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