Collaboriamo is a consultancy agency focused on Community Design, the discipline that studies the creation of contexts for people to co-create value with organizations.

We believe in relationships as the ultimate motivation strategy to carry away process, market, and organization transformation processes.

That is why we have developed an approach, a method, and a set of original tools designed to support organizations that want to transform customers, employees, and suppliers into a community capable of producing and co-creating value.


Founded in 2013, Collaboriamo soon became the leading organization in the promotion and diffusion of the collaborative economy in Italy. From 2013 to 2017, we published a yearly report on the state of the national collaborative economy. We also curated and organized Sharitaly, the most relevant event on sharing economy nationwide.


Over time, we specialized in designing innovative platform business models. The framework we developed defined the tools and the usability required by these services to grow. And out of years of expertise in training and consulting, we developed an original and entirely new approach to community design.


We offer, therefore, consulting services on platform design and community design, from current state assessment, to strategy, prototype, and service growth design. We also provide training and capacity building paths for our clients, to guide them towards autonomous community management.


We work in partnership with the Trialab laboratory of the Università Cattolica of Milan and the Desis Laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano. Over the years, we have collaborated with large Italian and european companies such as Banca Intesa, Reale Mutua, Leroy Merlin, Companies and consumer networks, digital businesses (Airbnb, Blablacar, Rete del Dono), cooperatives (Il Seme) and local governments (Comune di Milano).


via Bergognone 34, Milan


Interested in working with us?

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