Unlocking the sharing economy

Unlocking the sharing economy

Il seguente report sulla sharing economy è stato commissionato nel settembre 2014 dal Ministro dell’economia inglese Matthew Hancock, con lo scopo di indicare alcune raccomandazione su come la Gran Bretagna possa facilitare lo sviluppo di questa nuova economia. Il governo inglese si è impegnato a dar seguito a queste raccomandazioni nel corso del 2015. Ecco le motivazioni che hanno spinto il Ministro a commissionare questo report:

“The sharing economy allows people to share property, resources, time and skills across online platforms. This can unlock previously unused, or under-used assets – helping people make money from their empty spare room and the tools in their sheds they use once a year. It allows people to go from owning expensive assets, such as cars, to paying for them only when they need them. Individuals can make more from their skills, and work more flexibly.

There has been tremendous growth in the sharing economy in recent years, and this is set to continue. This is a huge opportunity for the UK, and our ambition should be to be the world’s leading sharing economy.

As with all disruption, we also need to be careful. Sharing economy businesses and traditional operators need to be treated fairly, particularly in terms of regulation. Consumers must be protected, and trust must be strengthened in online transactions. However, a degree of caution should not stop us from embracing the potential sharing offers for a new, more efficient and more flexible economy”.

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